Can I add new hashtags to my collections directly from Hashtag performance?

Sure thing – that’s the best thing about our Hashtag collectionsyou can save your results from Hashtag performance and Hashtag search for later ⭐️

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Adequate research is an inseparable part of your strategy 🚀

With Hashtag performance and Hashtag search IQ Hashtags’ features, you’ll discover new, tailored hashtags – and now you can add them directly to your repertoire. 

👉🏻 Proper research means more targeted hashtags with less content to compete with! 👈🏻

Save the results of your research for future use – your statistics will thank you 😉

You can create multiple hashtag lists based on your most-tailored hashtag categories.

How to do it? 🤔

When browsing your Hashtag performance analysis, you can select the hashtags you’d like to add to your collection/collections, click on the purple button at the bottom of the page – and then choose the “Add hashtags to collection” option.

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