How do I change to a different IQ Hashtags plan during my 7-Day Free Trial?

Are you trying out one of the IQ Hashtags packages? That’s great! We want you to experience the full potential of our tool, so if the current plan you’re testing isn’t what you are looking for, you can upgrade or downgrade to a different IQ Hashtags package within your 7-Day Free Trial.

Here’s how to do it!

[Find video instructions at the end of the page]

Step 1 

Go to your Account Settings.

Step 2 

Select the Subscription tab.

Step 3 

Click the Change your plan button to select a different IQ Hashtags plan. If you’d like to change your payment method for the new IQ Hashtags plan, go to Payment settings first.

Step 4

Check what’s your current IQ Hashtags package and select the plan you want to continue your 7-Day Free Trial with. 

NOTE Switching between plans doesn’t reset nor extend your trial period.

Step 5 

Verify if, under the Package information, there’s the name of the newly selected plan, and if everything looks ok, you’re good to go.

Video Guide:

Enjoy your new IQ Hashtags Plan! 

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