How many hashtags should I use?

Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags to a post (and up to 10 hashtags to an Instagram story) – and you should do it every time, in every single one of your posts and stories.

Don’t listen to marketing newbies trying to convince you to use less than the maximum – if it were harmful to your account, the Instagram team wouldn’t encourage you.

👉🏻 Let’s stick to the most credible facts.

What should you keep in mind when using hashtags? 🤔

  • If your account is set to private and you add hashtags to your post, the post won’t appear on any official hashtag explore-page (only your current followers will be able to see your posts)
  • Hashtags can contain numbers (as in #summer2019tbt), but you can’t put spaces between the words (the hashtag ends the moment you put the space). You also can’t use any punctuation or special symbols – otherwise, the hashtag won’t work correctly.
  • You can only add hashtags to your posts and instastories. You can’t help a friend or add a missing hashtag to somebody else’s post.
  • You can use up to 30 hashtags on a post and ten on your instastories – not even one more! If you try to add more hashtags, you will get an error message. 

👉🏻 Hashtags help you get exposure and reach new people from your target audience – the more hashtags you use, the bigger chances for people interested in your niche to see your posts 👈🏻

You don’t want to miss it and neglect benefiting from it.

👉🏻 Before you post your content, make sure that the hashtags you’ve chosen fit the size of your account and relate to your niche (picking random ones isn’t even an option).

👉🏻 You ALWAYS need to use the ones relevant to your account, place, and audience, as well as the right size – avoid the most popular ones because they’re too competitive.

If you struggle with finding 30 good ones – use the ones you’ve found. 

Remember that quality matters the most at the end of the day! 🚨

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