Popular hashtags in the Profile analysis – what is this table about?

In the Profile analysis section, you can overview the data from your account’s audit 👈🏻

Popular hashtags inform you which hashtags you use most frequently (you can also check the frequency).

popular hashtags profile analysis en

What can you use this information for?

  • those insights may be beneficial when developing a new, more effective content and hashtag strategy
  • you can audit your profile and track the usage of the best-performing hashtags to plan improvements
  • it’s a strategic idea to check if your most often used hashtags are aligned with your goals and the niche you’re meant to focus on

If you analyze someone else’s account, for example, the account of the influencer you want to collaborate with: it gives you clear insights about the subjects they broach or if they are using hashtags associated with your competitors 🔥

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