What are the types of banned hashtags?

Generally, there are two types of banned hashtags:

  • hashtags that have been banned permanently – which means they’re put out of action forever
  • hashtags with temporary ban – hashtags banned temporary are the hashtags contributing to the quick spread of a large amount of spam, or they can also be repeatedly reported by other users (it can be done with malice aforethought by someone from competitors as well)

🚨 #tits are one of the hashtags banned permanently – which means it will stay banned, no matter what:

Its hashtag page has been deleted, and you can’t overview its contents.

On the other hand, hashtags with temporary bans can be unbanned, and they’re often banned only for a short period.

Perfect examples of hashtags from this group?

👉🏻 #boho, #coffee or #beautyblogger

They are being banned and unbanned all the time, and their status changes on and on.

banned hashtags on instagram iq hashtags

On the ever-evolving blacklist, there are many hashtags you wouldn’t ever expect to be there: for example, for a very long time, the hashtag #valentinesday has been banned. 

👉🏻 Since the banned hashtags change daily and the list is updated a few times a day, you must check the hashtags you want to use and do your safety research before including them in a post (all the time!) 🚨

You can do it manually, but there are two obstacles: it’s time-consuming, and you may choose the wrong, untrustworthy source and use the outdated list 👎🏻

That’s why it’s much better to choose a faster and more effective way: our IQ Hashtags feature 💜

We have access to the most official and updated data, so our list of banned hashtags is always current and relevant 🔥

If you see that some of the hashtags of your choice are banned, you can throw them away and choose other ones instead – and scan your new decisions immediately.

🔴 Using banned hashtags can completely ruin your profile’s visibility – so it’s better to review the safety of your choices (as a quick check right before posting new content, as well as a scan of the posts from your past) and eliminate the bad ones!

banned hashtags on instagram iq hashtags

With the Banned hashtags feature, you can quickly scan all the hashtags you want to use and check if they’re ban-free! 🤩

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