What data can I find in the Profile Analysis Tab?

The general idea of analyzing statistics sounds quite daunting. Charts, numbers, engagement rates. Not a fan of it all? We totally understand!

The good news is that tracking your profile stats isn’t as awful as it sounds. On the contrary, it can be pretty fun once you notice that implementing new strategies based on in-depth data about your profile begins to receive the attention and feedback you were hoping for. 

There’s no better place to take a closer look at your Instagram account than the IQ Hashtags Profile Analysis tab. Together with the Followers Analysis tab, they will provide complete info about your profile’s performance and your followers’ characteristics. So without further ado, let’s jump into your IQ Hashtags account and take a closer look at the metrics you can track in your Profile Analysis tab.

🚀 Starting from the top


Instead of switching between the apps, IQ Hashtags offers you a place where you can view basic stats about your profile in one place. 

  • Posts – the total number of posts in your profile.
  • Followers – your total follower count. 
  • Active Users – a total number of Instagram users that left a comment on any of your posts. This metric hides your most valuable audience. The list shows the users that engaged with your content but aren’t necessarily your followers. This can be your opportunity to connect with them in a more personal way but also appreciate the most active users in your profile – drop a little comment on their profile or send a dm with a voice message for a more personal touch. This can be a great way to build a strong community.

Hashtags information 

Even your hashtags need a little health check sometimes. Dive into your hashtags information to look after the diversity of your hashtags and take care of your profile visibility. 

  • Total Hashtags –  a total number of hashtags used in your profile. The number includes hashtags that reappeared in your profile multiple times.
  • Unique Hashtags – hashtags with the highest number of uses determine what kind of content you publish most often. Analyze if the most popular hashtags in your profile target your audience and help you get your content in front of the people who care about it. Maybe your hashtag collections need a little refresher, or there are hashtags you’ve only used once or twice, but they are super relevant to your content right now. Use the Unique Hashtags list to improve your hashtag strategy and boost your organic reach!
  • Banned Hashtags – the metric shows the total number of banned hashtags in your profile and allows you to track them down easily. Banned Hashtags can limit your profile’s visibility and reach, so make sure to eliminate them from your old posts. View the list of banned hashtags, click on the link to the post that contains the banned hashtag (this will open an Instagram post in the new card), and delete it from the publication. That’s it! Easy peasy.

Popularity charts

Use Likes, Comments and Followers chart to keep track of your profile performance over the past few months. See when your profile was achieving the best results and check what type of content was generating this hype. Learn from your research and use it to create more engaging content. Remember that followers come and go, so unless there’s a huge dip in your follower count, you shouldn’t worry about it at all! 

My activity charts

Activity chart allows you to review when you’re the most active on Instagram. Make sure to match your activity to when your audience spends the most time on the platform to interact in real-time and achieve the highest engagement on your new posts.

Popular hashtags & Popular tags

In the Popular Hashtags, you’re looking at the top 10 most used hashtags in your profile. See if your go-to hashtags improve your posts’ performance by checking their stats in the Hashtag Performance tab. Do your posts ever rank on the hashtag pages of your most used hashtags? Use this information to keep your hashtag collections fresh and reach new audiences.

Popular tags show the accounts tagged most often on your profile. Can you spot any brand you’d like to collaborate with in the future? Maybe there’s someone from your niche that would be perfect for doing a live video with? It’s about time you reach out to these people and amplify your profile’s growth. 

Engagement rate by day

Tracking the engagement of your profile helps you understand how well your audience responds to your content. The more engagement your content gets, the more likely Instagram’s algorithm will pick it up and show it to more people. What’s a good engagement rate? It depends on many factors, like the size of your profile and even the niche you’re in. Check what would be a satisfying engagement rate for an account like yours and compare it to your results to see if there’s room for improvement.

Profile analysis tab is your Instagram profile’s control center. Use it to stay on top of your game and test new strategies based on in-depth data about your account!

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