What data can I find in the Reels Metrics tab?

The first step to creating Reels that your audience can’t turn their heads away from is understanding their performance. At the end of the day, the success of your Reel isn’t determined by the number of plays it receives. What matters most is the impact your videos have on your brand’s goals, and they should indicate what insights you’ll pay attention to.

You’re probably wondering how to learn anything about your Reels from a bunch of numbers and charts. Don’t worry. In this article, I’ll explain how to understand the precious data about your Reels in the Reels Metrics tab!

🚀 Starting from the top

Charts with the overall performance of your Reels

Of course, analyzing Reels individually can bring a lot of valuable observations.

However, it’s also important to look at them globally and see how they’re performing over time. Is this the most popular format on your Instagram profile?

Are your Reels generating a great number of interactions? Are there any sudden drops or peaks in your Reels performance? Each piece of information allows you to spot trends and poor decisions in your content strategy.

Key Metrics in the Reels Metrics charts:

  • Reels – the overall number of Reels posted in your Instagram profile. Check how the number compares to other formats in your profile and take care of the diversity of your content. 
  • Reach – Your Reels reach evolution. The overall number of unique accounts that have seen your Reels on screen at least once, whether or not your Reels were played. See if you can spot any patterns in your reach over time. Track your overall reach to find trends in your Reels content.
  • Interactions – Your Reels interactions evolution. See if you can spot any patterns in the number of interactions your Reels receive over time.
  • Views – You Reels views evolution. The overall number of times your Reels have been played. It could be higher than the overall number of accounts reached since some users may watch your Reels more than once. 

Analytics of individual Reels

You know the feeling of discouragement when a Reel you spent hours on filming, editing, and crafting the perfect caption for suddenly flops, and there’s absolutely no way to understand why it happened?

Yup, we’ve all been there, but the good news is that even when your Reel fails, you can still learn a lot from it! 

As much as the Reels algorithm can be tricky and unpredictable, analyzing the Reel like this is as important as analyzing the Reel that outperformed every single video you ever created.

Analytics of individual Reels is where you can take a closer look at the performance of each of your videos.

Ask yourself if you did anything different this time. Maybe what you thought was the most valuable piece of information wasn’t really what your audience struggled with.

Were the video and your caption encouraging engagement? Look at the data and pinpoint what went wrong and what actually worked.

Key metrics of your individual Reels

Engagement – The average percentage of accounts that interacted with your Reel. Track the engagement of your individual Reels and find content that gets the response you want and helps you achieve your goals.

Views – The number of times your Reel has been played. It could be higher than the number of accounts reached since some users may watch your Reel more than once. 

Reach – An estimated number of unique accounts that have seen your Reel on screen at least once, whether or not your Reel was played. 

Likes – The number of Instagram users that liked your Reel.

Comments- The number of Instagram users that commented on your Reel.

Saves – The number of Instagram users that saved your Reel.

Shares – The number of times your Reel has been shared.

Ranked Hashtags – hashtags that boosted your Reel performance. Collect your top-performing hashtags and use them in the future to increase your Reels’ visibility.

Feed – Sort your Reels results by where they were posted (the Reels Tab or both the Feed and the Reels Tab). See what approach delivers better results and improves your strategy.

Timeline chart – The evolution of your Reel performance. Select the metric you’re interested in the most and estimate your video’s life span.

Experimenting with different types of Reels and tracking their analytics helps you understand what your audience resonates with. Start creating data-driven content with Reels Metrics and see how this impacts your overall profile performance! 

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