What do Active Users mean in the Profile Analysis tab?

Stay connected with the most valuable members of your audience thanks to the Active Users metric!

The more your Instagram account grows, the more difficult it gets to stay on top of your comment section. Replying to your audience doesn’t only increase your profile’s engagement but, more importantly, builds relationships. People you interact with are more likely to hit that follow button and become part of your community.

That’s why you should do your best to reply to every single comment – especially when you’re a small account!

The information hiding in the Active Users list can be a game changer in terms of community building. The metric shows the total number of Instagram users who commented on any of your posts. 

View the list of your Active Users to find accounts that engaged with your content but aren’t necessarily your followers yet.

This can be your opportunity to connect with them in a more personal way but also appreciate the most active users in your profile – drop a little comment on their post or send a dm with a voice message for a more personal touch.

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