What is the Trends section in the Search hashtags feature for?

The Trends can give you valuable insights about hashtags that are rapidly becoming popular.

By analyzing data from this table, you know exactly which hashtags (and which topics!) are gaining steam 😉

trends instagram search hashtags iqhashtags en

What to do with this knowledge? 🤔

Make it work in your favor.

It’s a beneficial idea to apply it to your current content marketing strategy to increase your posts’ visibility and boost engagement 🔥

When you use trending hashtags, you become a relevant part of Instagram trending topics and discussions.

Social media platforms always move based on current trends, so being a part of trending topics helps you get higher visibility.

👉🏻 You can also compare hashtags and see which one would be a better choice for your content.

If you’re working in marketing, influencer, or interactive agency Trends section can give you the real content marketing silver bullet.

Using trending hashtags (and preparing new content having trending topics in mind) has the ability to boost profits and streamline your Instagram activities, so take what you learn during the Trends section research and apply it to your strategy! 💜

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