Who are the Instagram influencers?

Influencers are popular creators who have gathered massive audiences and have established high credibility by posting relatable content which serves their followers ⭐️

They build their tribes around particular lifestyles, interests, and niches – that’s why being relatable plays a crucial role in gaining the audience’s sympathy and trust.

👉🏻 The more trust someone has in the particular creator, the more they are willing to try out the recommended services or products.

That’s how it works: influencers influence their followers’ decisions, and they have the power to initiate forming new habits.

They impact the audience’s purchases 🛍

Perceived similarities are highly encouraging.

Influencer, opinion leader, brand ambassador, trendsetter 👩🏻‍💻

Those terms are often used interchangeably – although, remember that not every influencer has to be a brand ambassador or a trendsetter.

The key is that being an influencer isn’t only about having a large follower base – it’s more about being a genuine and trustworthy creator with a high engagement rate 📈

Influencers shape their followers’ thoughts, attitudes, and behavior – that’s why their potential is thriving, and brands and businesses often rely on them to promote their products.

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