Why is engagement rate a crucial metric, and what it means for your profile’s growth

The Instagram algorithm is primarily based on interactions between profiles.

👉🏻 It’s all about how many users are connecting with you.

The more people are commenting, saving, liking, sharing, and mentioning your content, the higher your engagement is – and the higher your engagement rate is, the clearer the message for the algorithm that your posts are worthy and valuable.

That’s why you should measure the engagement rate to determine the effectiveness of your content strategy! 🔥

Moreover, your engagement determines the visibility of your posts, and the higher it is, the bigger chances that new potential followers will discover your publications 🤩

It also impacts:

  • the way your posts rank under particular hashtags
  • the way your posts are being suggested to new audiences
  • chances for being featured in the Explore section

Put – content that has recently acquired more likes, shares, and comments has a bigger chance of getting more new eyeballs.

As you can see, tracking your engagement rate and making frequent inspections if your audience is involved can be crucial for your profile’s growth! ⭐️

That’s why (and we can’t stress this enough) unfair tactics, such as buying followers or bots, harm your account in the long run. It makes no logical sense for you to try it, and it’s a waste of time (and money) 🤗

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