How to link your Instagram account to a Facebook page?

Connecting your Instagram profile to a Facebook Page is one of the requirements you need to meet before linking your Instagram account to IQ Hashtags.

We’ve made this step-by-step guide to make this process as easy as possible. 

NOTE: All Instagram profiles analyzed in IQ Hashtags must be linked to a Facebook page you have access. It is only an Instagram API requirement used to enable IQ Hashtags to analyze data about your Instagram profile. Facebook pages do not have to show any activity or be regularly updated. Remember, one Instagram profile can only be linked to one Facebook page.

Before we begin, confirm that:

  • Your Instagram account is switched to a business or a creator account – learn how to switch to a business/creator account.
  • You have Facebook Access to the page with full or partial control. If your Instagram account is linked to your personal Facebook profile, you won’t be able to authorize your IQ Hashtags account – learn more about the page access.

[Find video instructions at the end of the page]

Step One 

Go to the Instagram profile you’d like to connect with a Facebook Page, and click on the Edit profile button.

Step Two

Under Profile information, select Page.

Step Three 

If you don’t have a Facebook Page yet, select Create Facebook Page. If you do, select Connect an existing Page. This article explains how to link your Instagram profile to an existing page.

Step Four 

Now, you’ll be transferred to Meta, where you’ll need to allow Instagram to access info from your Facebook account. Click on the Allow access button.

Step Five 

In the next step, you’ll need to add your Instagram account to your Accounts Center. Adding your Instagram profile to Accounts Center gives you access to useful features like sharing posts, stories, or Reels across your Instagram and Facebook profiles. Tap Continue.

Step Six 

Click on the Add *name of your profile* button.

Step Seven

Here comes the last step! Select a Facebook Page to connect to your Instagram account. You can also Create a new Facebook Page at this stage. After selecting the page, click Done.

You can go back to Edit profile menu to confirm that your Instagram got connected to your Facebook Page. If everything looks good, then you’re done and ready to continue your authorization process!

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