What can I learn about my Reels thanks to the Reels Metrics feature?

With the continuously growing popularity of Reels and undeniable demand for short-form videos on Instagram, you need tools that will take your Reels to the next level. IQ Hashtags Reels Metrics feature hides in-depth data about your Reels so you can track their performance and create more engaging videos based on your findings.

I’m sure by now you know the importance of implementing Reels into your content strategy. Instagram made it very clear that they are the easiest way to reach new audiences and go beyond your follower base. They carry incredible growth potential if you know how to use them to support your goals.

Sounds enigmatic?

You may not like to hear this, but following Reels trends without adapting them to your content strategy and overall Instagram goals may be a waste of your precious time. 

So what’s the best way to start making conscious creative decisions about your Reels? First, you’ll learn what type of content works in your favor by understanding your Reels metrics.

What are the advantages of tracking Instagram Reels insights in the IQ Hashtags Reels Metrics tab?

Use Reels Metrics to keep tabs on your Reels stats, including engagement rate, reach, plays, likes, and saves count over any time period. Test different Reels styles and try to spot any patterns in their performance to see what works and what’s not.

Compare your Reels insights with different formats. Maybe your audience is more likely to resonate with static posts than videos?

Discover and collect hashtags that your videos have ranked for to improve your Hashtag Research and increase your Reels distribution in the future.

Observe what type of Reels bring you the desired results. Going viral shouldn’t be your main goal. Remember that thousands of plays and likes under one video don’t necessarily translate to sales or website clicks. Make sure to analyze the overall performance of your Reels to make sure they fulfill your goals.

How do I start? 

Reels Metrics are available for IQ Hashtags users with accounts authorized through Facebook API. The feature provides data on Reels published after activating your IQ Hashtags plan. To start using Reels Metrics, you need to post a new Reel to your Instagram profile – this will allow us to start collecting and analyzing data about your videos.

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