Post count criteria in Search hashtags – what is it about?

You can filter the hashtags you get by using advanced criteria.

The Post count filter allows you to set the search volume (size/hashtag density) of hashtags you’d like to get 🤗

👉🏻 How to determine the size of the most optimal hashtag (search volume) matching your profile’s size?

Head over to the Hashtags performance feature, and analyze the charts to find out which hashtags have given your posts the position in the TOP 9 most recently (pay attention to their sizes – this will tell you which one is optimal for your current level of growth).

Use different sizes of hashtags (ten hashtags with low volume search, ten medium-size, and ten most general, with high volume search) to check out other methods of attracting new followers and expanding your reach, and test different solutions that may work out for your account 🤗

You can skip this part and research new hashtags without setting any hashtag search volume – but we’d recommend doing it more consciously to test different sizes and observe which ones are the most effective for your profile’s growth! ⭐️

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