“Current position in TOP 9” – what does it mean (in Hashtag performance)?

Hashtag performance is a feature that allows you to check which hashtags have performed best and have provided the most significant reach for your posts.

hashtag performance instagram iq hashtags

It would help if you attracted new eyes and engaged followers to grow your Instagram account. 

The Hashtag performance feature gives you access to information on whether the hashtags you used helped you win a position in the TOP 9 for each particular hashtag 🤩

Furthermore, it keeps you informed about the top position reached for a given hashtag (when you have already reached the TOP 9 sections).

What is beneficial as well – you can view your current position in recent posts for the specific, given hashtag (yes, you can check each one of them).

🟢 When your post shows up in the TOP 9 for particular hashtags, it’s your key opportunity to get more eyes on your content.

This means potentially much higher engagement and more satisfying insights into your stats 🟢

hashtag performance iq hashtags top 9 instagram

That’s why getting there should become your priority!

So how do you get to the TOP 9 on Instagram? 🤔

It’s a matter of:

  • how quick do you get the engagement after your post is published
  • your engagement ratio to your likes and overall profile size
  • hashtags matching the content you post
  • the visual side of your post – the more aesthetically pleasing it is, the better
  • the speed of interactions

In our eyes, it is crucial to your Instagram marketing strategy to aim to appear in TOP 9 for the hashtags you use, as it will help you grow your follower base and obtain higher engagement.

  • your posts are visible in TOP 9 for particular hashtags
  • your posts are displayed to users who follow particular hashtags

We have no control over the number of people who follow different hashtags. But what we can take control of is the visibility of our posts 😉

We provide you with a scrutiny of how your posts’ visibility (in the top 9 sections) and your posts’ engagement form within the first 3 hours, one day from the publication, and 3 and 7 days 🔥

It means you’re armed with an extensive analysis of the performance of your hashtags.

The result?

You can fully understand your post’s effectiveness and uncover key findings about your results in the TOP 9 section for each used hashtag! 🤩

Why does TOP 9 play such a significant role, and getting there should be your Instagram goal every time you post?

The TOP 9 posts on Instagram are picked by an algorithm that strives to rank posts within the particular hashtag.

Unlike the Explore page, which is personalized and user-specific (different for everyone), every user sees precisely the same TOP posts for a given hashtag.

hashtag performance iq hashtags top 9 instagram

That’s why getting there guarantees reach and engagement boost! 🚀

With the Hashtag performance feature, you can analyze which hashtags gave you the highest number of views. It also gives you valuable insights into which search volume (hashtag’s size) works most effectively for your current profile’s size.

The analysis of your posts is possible:

  • only for new posts (posted after the purchase of a premium plan)
  • only in paid plans (this analysis demands the continuity of subscriptions to have continuous access to data)

The more you post after purchasing a paid plan, the more data to analyze our tool has – and the analysis of the hashtag performance is, therefore, more all-encompassing! 💜

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